Secret Santa (the seventh time?)


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hohoho Oathkeeper, here's ur team that definitely won't be out of date in a few days!

You requested SD Sneasel-H+Specs Clawitzer, so here you go!

You asked for standard SD Eviolite Sneasel-H, and you can def change it back to that, but I wanted to show off this sexy set, with Fling+Big Nugget for that powerful Dark-type nuke and even Pickpocket in the back to steal an item after!
dw, I didn't change anything about this mon's set. Considered going Aqua Jet>Aura Sphere for extra speed control, but figured I might as well keep it if just for Porygon2.
Just two staples on balance, with the addition of both being able to para stuff to make up for Clawitzer's low Speed and help Sneasel-H's sweeps. I was indecisive on which Porygon2 set to use, so I just went with a bulky offensive set.
With the team getting a little too standard for my liking, I dove a little deeper. Cacturne just gives some useful utility between Spikes, priority, Knock anda one-time pivot. Also covered some weaknesses, notably Psychic.
In the last slot, I figured I needed a more reliable Fighting check. While Palossand was my go-to, and is prob still an option, I opted for Rotom's higher Speed and Flying resistance.

Lastly, here's a Hisuian Sneasel that got the Nerf blaster he wanted for Christmas and my excuse for this being late:
Sneasel or Nothin.png
Happy Holidays to everyone, and I hope your New Years Eve gets off to a great start! Today I am here to tell a story as requested by our new leader ishtar. I thought about apologizing for taking so long to deliver this team, but honestly this was probably the most intricate Secret Santa request anybody made this year. Ishtar loves electric types, she wants a team with at least two electric types on it. These two electric types are in a romantic relationship, but their relationship is in jeopardy you see. Ishtar wanted a 3rd pokemon on the team with tera electric that's really jealous of the couple and just won't stop bugging them. Two of the other Pokemon should represent war and love. Ishtar even provided a soundtrack for me to build to, so if you want to listen to it while reading the team breakdown go ahead.

:bw/Luxray::bw/Eelektross::sv/Lurantis::bw/skuntank::bw/medicham::bw/whiscash:<--(Click for team)
How It Plays
In pokemon terms I would classify this as a balanced offense with Skuntank denying hazards through taunt while Tera-Electric Lurantis/Medi/Luxray look for opportunities to remove threats. Whiscash and Eel are there for support, and the team wants to deny spikes for as long as possible. But that's not what's important here. With the meta ending tomorrow I decided to create this team as a way of telling a story rather than a team to win games (it can win though, I have a replay).
The Story
This is a story of an interweaving network of relationships between these six pokemon. Ryan (LuxRyan if you will) and Rose (EelektRose) are in a committed relationship, and have been for over 2 years. With the last day of college nearing they're looking forward to moving on and starting their adult life together, but Lauran (I don't have to explain this one) has been pining for Rose since she first met her. Rose has known Lauran for a very long time, she even calls Lauran's parents her Uncle Skunk (Skunkle) and Aunt Medi (MedichAunt). Ryan has noticed that Lauran seems to act a little coldly towards him, and he tries to bring it up to Rose but she always dismisses him saying that "Lauran isn't even my type lol". One day Lauran comes across a group of students watching a video on a laptop. She asks the one holding the laptop what the video is about, and he replies, "This new technology came out called Tera Shards." So Lauran and the leader of the group hit it off, and he (Peer Pressure the Whiscash, no play on words here sorry) convinces her head to the Pokemart. He shows her the way to the school Mart and says goodbye.
Time Skip(2 weeks)
We skip ahead a few weeks, graduation is even closer and Lauran invites Rose to her house for lunch. Rose and Lauran's parents are sitting around the dinner table, Uncle is reminiscing about his time in the war and what it was like during the aftermath for the millionth time, and Aunt Medi is telling him how he's a powerful hero and making him blush. Lauran comes down from her room to greet Rose, and Rose is shocked! Lauran has completely changed (she got a tera electric crystal and also she's shiny now to more closely match what Ryan looks like) and Rose tells her she loves it! The 4 of them sit down to eat lunch, and later on Ryan comes over to pick up Rose. He see's Lauran and instantly know's what's up, he's heard about this Tera Shards and he KNOWS Lauran is trying to steal his girl. He stomps over and says "Come on Rose lets GO." Rose is confused, and Ryan glares at Lauran trying to intimidate her, but for some reason she just seems to be getting more confident. Ryan quickly drops his tough guy facade and says, "Let's go Rose." Ryan is pissed and on the way home he tells Rose that she needs to talk to Lauran and tell her she only see's her as a friend. At first Rose tells him to knock it off, but once she relaxes she realizes that Ryan might be right and decides to talk to Lauran the next day.
The Next Day
Rose meets Lauran in her dorm, and she sits her down to ask her how she really feels. They've been such good friends and she's afraid of messing it up, but she says they have to be honest with eachother. Lauran finally drops her sassy tone and tells Rose that she's always made her feel like the most important girl in the world. Lauran says she feels like Rose is the only one who gets her, and says she's always wanted to go on a date, but she realizes that her and Ryan are very much in love. After a good cry sesh and some hugging Rose makes sure Lauran understands that she loves her too, but they can't have that kind of relationship. Lauran is obviously bummed, and she sulks around for awhile, but she still wants to keep Rose in her life so she does her best to move on.
Graduation Day
The day has finally come, Lauran meets Rose and Ryan in their dorm and gives them both a hug. She apologizes to Ryan for trying to steal his woman, and says, "If you ever hurt this woman (Rose) I'll never let you live it down." On the way to the graduation ceremony Lauran runs into the guy who told her about the tera crystals. She thanks him (this is Whiscash btw, his name isn't really Peer Pressure, so lets call him Cash for now) for helping her out and then surprises everyone including herself. She offers to get a cup of coffee with Cash after graduation, and without missing a beat Cash replies, "Nah I'm good, I actually have a SPL match later so I have to get home." After Cash walks away the three friends look at eachother and laugh. They all graduate and head home after saying their teary goodbyes. Cash fires up his PC and promptly gets 6-0'd in his SPL match. Later, just as he's about to fall asleep he's thinking through each step of his day trying to figure out what caused him to lose so badly, and his eyes fly open. He stares at the ceiling and groans realizing how stupid he was, I mean how did he not realize it! Lauran was asking him on a date! "HOW COULD I BE SO OBLIVIOUS!" He thinks to himself, and with that he rolls over and cries himself to sleep.
I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve, and if you read all the way to the end I urge you to report Ishtar for making me do this much work.
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Greetings Serviperhater! You want a team with Morpeko and Probopass? So be it! I love this core as well.
Actually, for PUWC I had already created a team with these two Pokémon as my core that I revamped now that PU is changed with new drops and rises.

This is the team:

:sneasel_hisui: :morpeko: :cramorant: :appletun: :probopass: :weezing:


One of the best mons in the tier. You've probably seen it before, it's got everything-- good double STAB, insane speed and access to Swords Dance to boost its attack. I wanted to go with an unorthodox set, so I chose Tera Blast Psychic. It's a good lure for Weezing and it defeats opposing Sneasel-Hisui reliably, Psychic also offers you the possibility to kill Veluza by resisting its STAB (unless it clicks the water move. which can indeed happen. be cautious!).


The first mon you've asked me to build with. This is a very standard set, can be used as pivot and remove rocks and set up a late game sweep with the aid of Aura Wheel speed boosts. Tera Ghost was my choice since I do not have another Ghost type and at times it can be useful to spin block.


Originally there was Swanna in this slot. The set was Knock Off/Flip Turn/Surf/Roost and I figured Cramorant's better statistics could do the job better, even if I am yet to understand how this Pokémon's ability actually works. I really have no clue, I used Endure at first as I felt that too much hazard removal would amper me but I do not know how to use Endure on Cramorant anyway. Anyway, this gives me some nice leeway vs Fire-type pokémon such as Charizard which could defeat Probopass with their special coverage and it allows me to have nice resistances. Tera Dark is to revenge kill Veluza reliably, you're probably starting to see a pattern here, if Veluza actually sets up this team can be shaky vs it after a boost but to be fair this is the only Pokémon it can actually set up on unless teraing.


My goat. I know Leech Seed and Dragon Tail on the same set can look a bit counterintuitive but these are the moves that I found fit the team better while playing on ladder, you don't really need a special dragon STAB for anything and Leech Seed allows you to 1v1 a few Pokémon which would otherwise setup on you, and if the setup threat is too much then you just Dragon Tail it out. Apple Acid is the main STAB and then Recover to heal in a way that's much more reliable than Leech Seed.


The other Pokémon you've asked me to build with. Probopass is a really good wall to have, puts rocks up and threatens metagame staples such as Charizard and Sneasel-Hisui with its edgequake combo. In addition, Body Press would not be bad here to threaten Eelektross more on the switch on its frailer physical side, but all things considered I think the momentum you can gain by having Volt Switch is higher and you already have other Pokémon that deal with it pretty well.


This team mono loses to Medicham, so my last Pokémon is a Neutralizing Gas, Rocky Helmet and Tera Psychic Weezing just for that (and also for Sneasel-Hisui, which is also definitely not easy to handle for the past five Pokémon on the team). You can, if you want, opt for Levitate instead but I wouldn't suggest it, because at least not getting 2HKOed by Medicham Zen Headbutt on the switch is a pretty good quality, but I've been seeing less and less of that Pokémon recently. Tspikes are really strong in PU, Pain Split is the only form of recovery Weezing gets. Its longevity is not enormous, so use it wisely in the matchups where it wins.
hi Bella ! The requested Pokémon is eelektross with the coil set I thought of pairing it with Passomiam which helps it make progress with knock off I thought of pairing it with Porygon 2 which helps with tw and as a special defender as a physical defender I thought of putting weezing then I put whiscash for sr morowko for another speed control with Rapid Spin .
Yoooo pannu, merry crisis! You gave me healing wish Indeedee which finally gives me an excuse to do a heal the bulk team

[The Team]

So "wtf is this"
Firstly: Crab and Appletun both have self sustain with drain punch and recover respectively on top of being generally bulky they're near guaranteed to trade hits. Now when they finally get hurt and scared out we'll need a strong pivot which Eelektross covers here. Then to the meat and potatoes! Both Indeedee and Chimeco have healing wish but chimeco has other utility with wish and heal bell. The opposing team will be going back and forth with Eel, Apple, and Crab so it would suck if they were to just get back to full health instantly and removing any status...oops.

Hope you have fun!


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Congratulations to each and every participant for making our Secret Santa a success! ✨ Your creativity and thoughtfulness have truly made this holiday season special.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated and spread the joy of giving. Your efforts and enthusiasm have made our community brighter and warmer.

May your holidays be filled with joy, laughter, and the warmth of shared moments. Wishing you all a fantastic New Year ahead!

Thank you once again for making our Secret Santa a wonderful experience!

With love, PTF.

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